Ways to Quit Smoking Quickly at Home

In general, a person who decides to overcome tobacco addiction does not turn to a specialist, but tries to find a way to quit smoking at home quickly and easily. There are many ways to do this: the pharmacy offers medicines, tablets, plasters, sprays, traditional medicine offers a rich set of methods.

Quitting smoking is willpower and mindset restructuring.

However, the basis of success will be a restructuring of thought and willpower, because even with the use of auxiliary means, nothing will work without strict self-control. It is possible to completely quit cigarettes in 1-2 days, many do not even need additional support. People who have done this despite smoking for a long time do not understand how such a big problem is inflated by quitting. It's about the state of mind.

How to quit a habit abruptly yourself?

Physical dependence on cigarettes is not as strong as psychological dependence. Therefore, the main work to quit smoking should be done with attitudes, a way of thinking.

People who need to quit for medical reasons can get over the habit in seconds - no need to tune in, smoke last while enjoying the smoke, and smash the pack in spectacular fashion. When it comes to choosing between life and a cigarette, you know exactly how to quit smoking in 5 minutes; in this case, the decision is obvious and there is no need to think about it. However, when the consequences of smoking are prolonged and the possibility of dying from cancer or a heart attack is very blurred, there seems to be no reason to use willpower.

It is important for a smoker to motivate themselves towards a healthy lifestyle at this time - to listen and realize that it is better to quit now than to deal with the serious consequences in five to ten years.

smoker's lungs and healthy lungs

Stop smoking in 1 day

A quick way to quit smoking is to throw away the pack and not touch your cigarettes again. When a person can survive for several days without tobacco, he gains confidence in his abilities. In fact, those who have quit addiction have a tremendous reason to be proud: this is truly an indicator of willpower. But it is important not to break in the future: the desire to relight a cigarette can appear in a year, two or 10.

The recommendation to prolong smoking cessation does not only apply to pregnant women, it is actually the best way, although not an easy one.

The irritation from early withdrawal will go away soon; it will only take a few days. It is important to understand the cause of its appearance and control yourself. When you try to gradually get rid of the habit, the risk of not quitting remains: the body does not have enough nicotine, a person tries to limit himself, but from time to time he reinforces his desire with a puff. All forms of dependency are preserved. The work is done the same, only there is no result.

Knowing how to quit smoking in one day, it is important to take into account some nuances. The first day is easier to survive: having created a tight schedule for themselves without a single free minute, people cope with this task almost painlessly. However, on the second or third day, the desire grows. Most of the time, people start eating; it is not a bad substitute if done correctly.

products to detoxify the smoker's body

You should not choose sweets, cakes or other high calorie foods, as weight gain is a common problem faced by ex-smokers. Girls often suffer from this, while many revert to the habit just out of the desire to stop improving. You can chop fresh vegetables, fruits or just drink clean water. This will help cleanse the body of toxins built up from years of smoking. You must reject junk food, fast food; after them, you want to smoke more. Alcohol for the first time must be completely eliminated - when a person gets drunk, self-control becomes dull.

Reflex Development

Everyone knows Pavlov and I experiment with him on dogs. This experience is used to create the right attitudes in a variety of life situations. For example, you can create a link between the urge to smoke and negative emotion. A tight elastic band is placed on the wrist area, which should not squeeze the hand too tightly to avoid interruption of the blood supply. The moment you want to smoke, the gum is thrown and released. The painful sensation that occurs at this time is a change and distracts the idea of a cigarette. This is a good way to be used as support by those who decide to quit smoking abruptly.

Traditional smoking methods

Traditional medicine offers several effective recipes to help you become a non-smoker again. But remember that without the urge to quit smoking, they won't work.

Broth with oats

Pour a tablespoon of flakes with 500 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse overnight. After waking up, the mixture is set on fire, boiled for 10 minutes, and insisted in a thermos (or wrapped dish) for an hour. The resulting product is drunk during the day along with the resulting thickening (it is possible without it).

Cigarette with milk

An effective method of provoking a long-term aversion to cigarettes. Cigarettes are moistened in milk and, when dry, light up. The taste of such a tobacco product is extremely unpleasant, so the urge to smoke will disappear.

Saline solution

Rinsing your mouth with saline reduces the urge to smoke

Rinsing your mouth with saline reduces the urge to smoke. It is simple to prepare: dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass of boiled water. You can use it every time you want to take a hit.


The grandfather method, referring to those who really discourage the urge to smoke a cigarette. This is a harsh and extremely unpleasant method for those who have not developed willpower. Shake off all the tobacco from the cigarette and blend it with finely chopped fingernails. The smell that appears when smoking such a cigarette is so disgusting that it discourages any desire to smoke.


Some, disenchanted with other methods, resort to magic. The conspiracies that the person himself reads are, in fact, the same new psychological attitudes that replace the old ones. There is nothing wrong with them, just a different presentation of information for the brain. You can find ready-to-use texts on the Internet or compose yourself, reading them every time you want to take a smoke break.

turning to magic when frustrated with other ways to quit smoking

4 smelly breaths

The technique is used to induce aversion to smoke. People smoke because they get pleasant sensations from the process: relaxation, a sense of peace. The essence of the technique is to make these sensations as unpleasant as possible.

When inhaling, the smoke is held in the mouth and chewed with the mouth closed and the head back. A deep breath is taken after 30 seconds - the smoke enters the lungs. At this point you will want to cough and nausea will appear, but the steps need to be repeated 2 more times.

On the fourth puff, the lungs should be completely filled with smoke, after which the person clears his throat and tightens the abdominal muscles. The date and time the method was used are written on the package. After that, you will no longer be able to smoke. As a last resort, you can repeat "chewing" the smoke.

Switch to an electronic cigarette

Vape is not the best replacement for ordinary cigarettes, but it is a pretty effective way nonetheless. First, a person reduces the amount of nicotine in the mix, then acquires non-nicotine fluids, and then completely quits the habit. However, not all of them go according to plan. Psychological dependence can persist and, in some cases, people return to smoking.

Vape is not the best replacement for ordinary cigarettes.


The effectiveness of this method has never been confirmed. Rather, it's kind of like a placebo, but it helps some people cope with addiction. Hypnosis is used to change attitudes: thoughts change first and then actions. A person who lives consciously can change her attitudes independently, without the intervention of a doctor.


On the net you can find books, tutorials on how to quit smoking for good. However, not everyone needs them. In this case, the problem exists only because the person creates it himself. Smoking tobacco is not comparable to alcoholism or drug addiction: there is no need to tie yourself to a battery waiting for the agony to begin. Just think if in 10 years you would like not to be able to go up to the second floor without shortness of breath, have infertility, impotence, undergo a course of chemotherapy.